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artist statement


I am a multi-media Artist, Creative Practitioner, Designer, Teacher and Mentor.

My socially-engaged practice explores landscapes of identity, connection and belonging by encountering, exploring and sharing responses to both familiar and unfamiliar places.


I am particularly fascinated by ‘the extraordinariness of ordinariness’ and imaginatively seek

to interpret and reveal profoundly everyday narratives and that which makes here, there,

everywhere or anywhere meaningful, distinctive and special.

My work is broad and multi-faceted and evolves through a layering and inter-weaving of enriching collaborations, conversations, wandering, wondering and meaningful exchanges. 

My thoughtful process is an appeal to the imagination and is underpinned by action research, documentation, creative experiments and shared endeavour. What emerges might be permanent work (in the tradition of public art), temporary installations, actions, a film, a gift, an imprint, a photograph, poetry, spoken word, a publication or merely the enduring memory of a personal and collective experience. It is always transformational.

I often use ‘mobile objects’ as idiosyncratic and identifiable talking/meeting points –trolleys, tricycles, sandwich boards, myself. As well as their functional benefits, such curiosities (including the familiar lab-coat) offer tangibility, directness and an engaging presence to my work.


I also enjoy teaching, mentoring and ‘performing’ as a module tutor at the University of

Gloucestershire and as a visiting lecturer elsewhere. I never tire of inspiring through learning and exchange. For me teaching is a privilege. It is in itself, a form of collaboration – a creative and dynamic interchange - between myself and my students. At the very least, it is a collective journey into unknown and previously unexplored realms of the imagination and intellect.


I am based in Bristol and work anywhere and everywhere. I have been creating, collaborating, teaching, inspiring, imagining, gardening, writing and making work as a sole practitioner since 2007.

Prior to this I spent 15 years as a Landscape Architect, Artist and Project Manager in the private, public and voluntary sectors. I still design landscapes and spaces, pocket parks and gardens, as and when such rare opportunities arise. 

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